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Step 1  
Registration is very simple and only takes a minute.

Step 2  
The Internet Hospital is the only site that checks a doctor’s diploma and certificate! We have put together the best team of doctors for you. 100% guaranteed!

     We use the most reliable type of consultation. read more
This is a chat conversation. All details are stored in the records, the information in them is well analyzed. The time for such consultations is unlimited.
Note! And in real life, the doctor writes down the patient to save all the details. And videos and photos can be attached to the Chat.
Online consultations do not replace medical appointments; they simply exist in parallel and make life easier for patients. This is quick access to a doctor: 5-10 minutes and you are talking with a doctor. You can select any specialist (and not on a territorial basis). This is an opportunity to get another medical opinion. Online consultations are not biased. And most importantly, you can get consultation from anywhere.
Online consultations are essentially the same as usual. The only difference is that the patient is at a remote distance from the doctor and instead of palpation, percussion and auscultation the doctor can prescribe Ultrasound scan, Doppler, etc., which usually happens in real life. All data can be send via the Internet: photos, videos, X-ray and MRI images, analyzes, survey data, and so on. The patient describes his complaints, attaches tests or examinations, if he has them. The doctor enters into a dialogue with the patient and finds out the symptoms necessary for making a diagnosis. Then the doctor can prescribe an examination (if necessary) and give recommendations.

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