Internet Hospital

Internet Hospital is

Very comfortable
After 5 minutes you are already talking to a doctor! You can get consultation wherever you are. Traditionally, the doctor's appointment consisted of a patient survey, examination, percussion, palpation, auscultation. The last 4 are a thing of the past: doctors send for research. The same can be done via the Internet. Why go somewhere and crowd under the offices?

Full Privacy
Site traffic is protected by end-to-end encryption. Questions and answers cannot be read by a third party. All data on the site is also protected. Only the doctor during the consultation has access to the patient's data!

Unlike other sites, on the Internet Hospital doctors consult who provided a diploma and qualification certificates. The site evaluates the doctor’s consultations and leaves only high-class specialists.

Internet chat
Internet Hospital uses Chat for consultation Consultation is a dialogue when the doctor ascertains the patient's symptoms in order to make a preliminary diagnosis. Depending on the patient's response, the direction of the search for symptoms changes. In the chat information is easily analyzed, no details are lost.

Internet Hospital does not use "reply to mail" for consultation.
"Reply to mail" - in fact, this is not a consultation at all, since the doctor cannot clarify or ask about the patient's symptoms. The time from the moment the question is raised to the receipt of the answer takes days. During this time, the patient's condition can change dramatically. The probability of a response from a low value goes into a negative one.

Internet Hospital does not use "Video" consultations or by "Phone".
In the video consultation you need to register for a few days. What is the point then? During verbal communication, up to 70% of information is lost. During the "Video" attention is scattered on receiving visual images. The time for such consultations is limited. Information obtained during such consultations cannot be filtered, processed and saved.

Internet Hospital does not use Skype, Viber and other messengers.
They do not have medical databases. There is no symptom and disease analyst. All consultations take place directly on the website of the Internet Hospital.

Cost and duration of consultation
Consultations on the Internet Hospital are perpetual and last until the parties are satisfied with the result. Internet Hospital uses telecommunications paid services to provide services to patients. A service is the search and maintenance of a continuous connection between a patient and a doctor. The cost of such a service is fixed - the equivalent of 100 UAH.

Quality of consultation and Digital Medicine technology.
To improve the quality of consultations, Internet Hospital is developing the latest technologies in the field of Digital Medicine. Doctors on the site are already using differential diagnostics. In the near future, it is planned to introduce Digital Diagnostic, which will increase the probability of diagnosis by up to 95% or more.

Accurate diagnosis is the key to successful treatment!